Concussion Services

Brain Care Centre aims to maximize individual potential through compassionate, evidence-based and innovative programs and services. Continuing care after experiencing a concussion can have a large positive impact on clients, which is why we developed the Concussion Services Program.

Many individuals who acquire a concussion continue to experience symptoms even after they have passed the typical 3-month recovery period. These symptoms can range from chronic fatigue to mood disorders and cognitive impairments. The commonness of concussions means that there are potentially a large number of individuals experiencing these extended symptoms.

The Concussion Services Program was created with evidence-based best practices for the mild traumatic brain injury population. Concussion services include one-on-one counselling to help develop coping strategies, address any additional disorders, and improve quality of life, and occupational therapy to develop strategies to achieve rehabilitation goals and increase independence.

To learn more about concussion and coping strategies for common challenges during recovery, check out our ‘Concussions and You: Webinar Series’ here.

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Service Coordination

Case management to help clients find and obtain the clinical and community support they need to reintegrate and regain independence.


Counselling sessions to help individuals, couples, and families maximize their personal wellness.

Assistive Device Training

One-on-one training for various electronic devices, like cell phones, tablets and computers to improve daily living.

Occupational Therapy

Cognitive and physical assessments are done, and personalized plans are made to improve abilities needed to do daily activities.

Monthly Concussion Support Group

Group members learn coping strategies, participate in activities, and support each other as they reflect on their challenges and successes after mild traumatic brain injury. Registration is required.

Are you ready to start your journey with Brain Care Centre? Begin the referral process now.

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