Moderate to Severe Brain Injury Services

Individualized services for those diagnosed with moderate to severe brain injury and their care partners. This type of injury can result from significant external trauma, such as a motor vehicle collision or hit to the head, or internal trauma, such a stroke, aneurysm, or hypoxia. 


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Service Coordination

Case management to help clients find and obtain the clinical and community support they need to reintegrate and regain independence.


Counselling sessions to help individuals, couples, and families maximize their personal wellness.

Assistive Device Training

One-on-one training for various electronic devices, like cell phones, tablets and computers to improve daily living.

Volunteer Program

The leisure companion program provides clients the opportunity to socialize with volunteers in their community. Brain Care Centre also works one-on-one with clients to find them volunteer opportunities in the community.  Due to COVID-19, Brain Care Centre is not currently accepting applications for office volunteers or volunteers for groups/classes.

Occupational Therapy

Cognitive and physical assessments are done, and personalized plans are made to improve abilities needed to do daily activities.

Support Groups

Group members learn coping strategies, participate in activities, and support each other as they reflect on their challenges and successes after brain injury. Groups are specific to the needs of men, women, and caregivers. Registration is required.

Life-Skills Classes

Education and skill development in a range of different topics in a small group setting. Schedule changes month by month. Registration is required.


CAPCC (Community Access for People in Continuing Care) assists adults under the age of 65, living in long term care, to access and interact with their community and participate in recreation/leisure activities of their choice. Currently only available in our Evansburg, Drayton Valley, and Edson regions.

Are you ready to start your journey with Brain Care Centre? Begin the referral process now.

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