Services for individuals with moderate to severe acquired brain injuries or concussions, as well as their caregivers.

Anyone can sustain a brain injury at any time, and it affects everyone in different ways. Brain Care Centre has a range of services to help our clients work towards personal goals and reinvent their identity.

Moderate to Severe Brain Injury Services

Individualized services for those diagnosed with moderate to severe brain injury and their care partners. This type of injury can result from significant external trauma, such as a motor vehicle collision or hit to the head, or internal trauma, such a stroke, aneurysm, or hypoxia.

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Concussion Services

Concussions that do not resolve within a typical period of time can be difficult to cope with. Our services are designed for those with long-term (greater than 3 months) symptoms of concussion or those needing information and resources.

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Public Education

We offer a variety of educational sessions to families and community members on brain injury or concussion management. Sessions can be tailored to different audiences' needs.

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