Summer for Brain Health Workshops

All workshops are at 1:30 pm and will take place on our Facebook page (@BrainCareC)


June Workshops 

June 10th – Accessible Pilates with True Movement

June 17th – Mindfulness Workshop with Charles Chenard

June 24th – LoveYourBrain Yoga with Shilo Zeller

July Workshops

July 8th – ‘Brain Foods’ Recipe Tutorial by Cafe Mosiac

July 15th – Therapeutic Art Making with Maxine Fehr

July 22nd – Animal Therapy with Dreamcatcher Nature-Assisted Therapy

July 29th – Virtual Trail workshop with Paths for People

August Workshops

August 6th – Nutrition and Healthy Brain Foods with Ignite Nutrition

August 12th – Music Therapy workshop with John Lawrence

August 19th – Accessible Exercise with YMCA Bridge to Wellness

August 26th – Back to Cook workshop with Peter Keith

We look forward to your participation!