Brain Care Centre Phone System

Brain Care Centre can once again be reached at 780-477-7575.  Thank you for your patience!

Here is the list of extensions for our staff:

Isabel, Intake and Information Coordinator, ext. 1140

Alana, Service Coordinator, ext. 1360

Danielle, Service Coordinator, ext. 2200

Diana, Service Coordinator, ext. 1220

Dominique, Service Coordinator, ext. 1130

Gurjeet, Service Coordinator, ext. 1240

Laura, Service Coordinator, ext. 2100

Erik, Program Assistant, ext. 1290

Sara, Program Assistant, ext. 1110

Karen, Counsellor, ext. 1310

Kathy, Counsellor, ext. 1190

Jennifer, Counsellor, ext. 1270

Michael, Counsellor, ext. 1150

Teresa, Counsellor, ext. 1230

Connie, Occupational Therapist, ext. 1230

Paige, Concussion Program Coordinator, ext. 1160

Blaine, Assistive Device Training Coordinator, ext. 1250

Jim, Fund Development Manager, ext. 1330

Jean, Program Manager, ext. 1260

Erin, Program Manager, ext. 1320

Ashley, Executive Director, ext. 1300

Emma, Financial Manager, ext. 1120