Want to make a difference during COVID-19?

A number of individuals that we serve are unable to leave their homes and have limited support from family or friends for a variety of reasons. Some are in urgent need of personal care items, food items, and specialty items to help them manage over the next couple of weeks. As such, BCC will be putting together ‘care packages’ that are tailored to the individuals in need.

On average, each care package will cost approximately $100; if you would like to ‘sponsor’ a care package for $100, please visit us here: Canada Helps is currently matching all donations made through their website.

Under ‘Include a message for this charity’ please type:

‘Client Care Package’ and any uplifting message you may want to share with the client.

If you would like your name to be included with your message, you will need to specify that by also typing ‘I consent to BCC sharing my name with the client receiving the care package’ in the message box. If you do not specify, your name will not be included in the care package.

Your donation helps make a difference for our clients like Charlie:

Charlie sustained his brain injury in 2016 after undergoing a surgical procedure to correct a blood vessel malformation. He currently lives independently with his son and cat. When social distancing and self-isolation protocol first went into effect, Charlie’s delivery from the foodbank was delayed due to the high demand that occurred.

Thanks to our incredible donors, we were able to deliver a care-package for Charlie and his family, and bridge the gap of waiting for the food bank.

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support as we are working hard to ensure that those we serve are connected to the resources that they need and are able to manage during these challenging circumstances. It takes a community to do this work and we are so grateful we know we can count on our BCC network to make a difference!