My Life Changed in an Instant

This November, Brain Care Centre mailed out our annual donation request letter, which aims to raise $10,000 this holiday season. Your support helps people we serve, like Dan:

My life changed in an instant.

I think many of us know that can happen, but we never think it will. Until it does.

When I set out on a rural drive two years ago, being in an accident was the last thing on
my mind. But as we crossed an intersection, a collision occurred. My head hit the passenger side window.

I didn’t lose consciousness, but immediately my thoughts were very disorganized. My speech didn’t make sense. I was transported to the emergency room and diagnosed with a concussion.

Like so many people, I thought a concussion just meant a bad bump to my head. I thought after a few days of rest, I’d be fine. I started going to basic physiotherapy and expected my symptoms to improve. After all, it was just a concussion. How bad could it really be?

It turns out things were much worse than I ever expected. One long year after my accident I was still struggling. Each day brought memory loss, noise sensitivity, headaches, dizziness and anxiety. I was back at work as a Recreation Manager but that was hard too. Each day was a challenge.

My colleagues, family and friends treated me differently. I found it hard to talk about the accident or my injury. All I wanted was to get back to doing the things I loved. Playing hockey, hunting, and being a husband and father to my two kids.

It was time to accept that my concussion was actually a traumatic brain injury and it was affecting my entire life. Fortunately, I found Brain Care Centre’s Concussion Program.

My counsellor helped me process that my concussion was a brain injury. I came to accept that the accident had taken a serious toll on my life. For me, understanding this was the first step to start healing.

My occupational therapist showed me ways to help navigate day-to-day challenges. Often, I was very frustrated at myself. But the Brain Care Centre team helped me find tools to better manage my symptoms and most importantly, to remain positive.

While I may always have some impairments, I have now gained a deeper appreciation for how precious everything is in my life. I truly value the activities I can do and cherish my friends and family more than ever.

Brain Care Centre’s services have been monumental in preparing me to continue my journey beyond my injury. I was saddened to hear that the Concussion Program can only admit between two to four new clients per month. The waitlist is seven months long.

The Centre relies on people like you to offer this critical program. And while I’m thankful I received the help I needed, I can’t help but think about those still waiting. I know they are struggling.

Your donation of $50, $100, $250 or any amount you choose can help those living with a brain injury receive the help they need now. Every dollar donated goes right to supporting the Concussion Program.

For a donation of $2,000 a person in need can be taken off the program wait list and start receiving the healing services they require, just like I did. Imagine the impact a donation like this can make. It is life-changing. 

Brain Care Centre was there for me when I needed them most. I can’t imagine what life would be like for so many of us if the Concussion Program didn’t exist. Please be as generous as you can. Your continued support provides the best care possible for those recovering from brain injuries. For that, I am grateful.

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