Brain Care Centre’s Concussion Webinars

Brain Care Centre (BCC) has completed its first webinar series Concussions and You! This six part series discussed what a concussion is, return to learn and return to sport protocols, BCC’s Concussion Service Program and other resources in the community. We also had BCC’s Occupational Therapist and Counsellors as guest speakers to discuss coping strategies for common changes in post-concussion recovery. Topics included sleep hygiene, energy conservation, memory and attention difficulties, communication challenges, common emotional changes, strategies for being a strong self-advocate, stigma around concussion, and tips for coping over the holiday season. We also debunked several concussion misconceptions! To access these webinars go to

In 2019 Brain Care Centre will be launching four new webinars. Topics covered will include:

  • Mental Health and Concussion Prevention in Athletes
  • Mental Health and Concussion Recovery
  • Variance in Physician Knowledge of Concussions
  • Workplace Accommodations and Concussion Recovery

Each webinar will feature experts and professionals speaking on their respective topics. You can register for an upcoming webinar that interests you for $15, or register for all four with our bundle deal of $50. New information about concussions is arising all the time, and we look forward to exploring these interesting topics with you over the coming year!

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Written By: Samantha Bahan

Samantha is Brain Care Centre’s Concussion Service Program Coordinator. She is responsible for screening intake and eligibility criteria of concussion clients coming into Brain Care Centre’s concussion program. She also does all of Brain Care Centre’s concussion education and outreach in the community.