Grateful for Volunteers

Volunteers are a major part of an organization. They give up their personal time to come in and assist in any way useful. Here at Brain Care Centre we have so many wonderful people that volunteer their energy. Their work does not go unnoticed, specifically the work of Sushami and Jenny. Both Sushami and Jenny have donated their time and effort to photograph for Brain Care Centre.

Sushami, from Almand Photography, began to volunteer for Brain Care Centre last year. He was able to photograph some of our events, such as the BIAM Kick-off Breakfast and the Brain Matters Golf Tournament. He revealed that he has been interested in films and photography since a young age and was only ten when he realized he wanted to be a filmmaker. At first, he focused on abstracts, nature, and buildings but began to photograph events and people. He loves candid photography as he is able to capture people’s natural expressions when they are having a good time. Sushami mentioned that he is happy to volunteer for Brain Care Centre because it is such an important organization. His work can be found on Almand Photography’s Facebook Page:

As for Jenny, from Endless Eternity, she got involved with Brain Care Centre in a different way. She started by volunteering as a leisure companion and eventually ended up employed as a Service Coordinator. She expressed that she was honoured to donate her time and talents to take photos for Brain Care Centre. She has seen this organization change lives and was more than happy to show her support. She has always loved photography and was the girl in high school that constantly had her camera with her taking photos of everything. She says that she fell in love with the way photographs can preserve memories, so she began to document her life in photos. Her photography business, Endless Eternity, is focused on moments of love, such as weddings, engagements, newborns, or family portraits. Her work can be found on her website:

We are beyond thankful for Sushami and Jenny and all they do to contribute to our organization. As well, we are thankful for all our other volunteers who work tirelessly for Brain Care Centre and our clients.

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Written By: Lisa Page

Lisa was Brain Care Centre’s Communication and Events Assistant during the 2018 summer and she is currently completing her Bachelor of Commerce degree at MacEwan University.