Defy Limitations

We provide services to individuals with acquired brain injury, and their support systems, to help redefine their identity and "defy limitations!”

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Your support empowers Albertans

Brain Care Centre helps Albertans with acquired brain injuries reclaim their lives thanks to the generous support of donors like you.

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Brain Care Centre Phone System

Brain Care Centre can once again be reached at 780-477-7575.  Thank you for your patience! Here is the list of extensions for our staff: Isabel, Intake and Information Coordinator, ext. 1140 Alana, Service Coordinator, ext. 1360 Danielle, Service Coordinator, ext. 2200 Diana, Service Coordinator, ext. 1220 Dominique, Service Coordinator, ext. 1130 Gurjeet, Service Coordinator, ext....

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Defying Limitations Documentary Event

The journey of brain injury doesn’t end when you leave the hospital. Rather it is just the beginning… Defying Limitations: A Brain Care Centre Documentary Event is proudly presented by Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law. Please join us in celebrating a community coming together to defy limitations on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at the Citadel...

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